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Massive Life - The NG Mixtape

2011-04-13 13:23:26 by Photogrounds

We have some new and exciting stuff coming your way soon! Be on the lookout. First we would like to share with you this new album by Pyka. It is titled "Massive Life" which features a large mash-up of a variety of popular Newgrounds musicians.

Massive Life
The Newgrounds MixTape

+ Click here for entire album.
+ Click on individual song titles to listen to separately.

The Ingredient List:

California Club in Love

. Wouldn't It Be Nice by Beach Boys
. Da Cali Anthem by Mike Posner
. California Love by 2pac and Dre
. Club in Love by RacmusDK
. Reversable Mirror by Semaphore
. Yes Yes by The Geto Boys
. Electronic instrumentation and Mix by PYKA

Hominid Men in Black

. Men in Black by Will Smith
. Back in Black by AC/DC
. Rig-Moar by JP Neufeld (Rig)

Beat It, Headless

. Beat it by Michael Jackson
. Where's your Head at by Basement Jaxx
. Orchestral Theme by Gravey
. Ugly Out There by PYKA
. Universe City by George Eade (EON)
. Daft Punk's Around the World Remix by MmmCake
. Remember the Name by Fort Minor

Is This Past Love?

. Is This Love? by Bob Marley
. Is this Love backup Singers by Bob Marley
. Bass Instruments from Drifting All Day, Music All Midnight by PYKA
. Industrialization by PYKA
. Rhythm of the Past by Wooormy
. Breed by PYKA

Intoxicated Breeding Tankmen

. Clips from Tankmen
. First Intoxication by Pocketpo
. I'll Watch the World Disappear by Nechura

Kingdom of Cybernetic Fulp Beauties

. Clip from B&W Drama Theater
. Cybernetic Castle by Prodigal
. New Kingdom of Dimension by MindEngineers
. Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
. Shake Ya Body by Michael Jackson
. Rock Your Body by Justin TimberlakeRetro Active Sex on the Way to Brackenwood
. Elektronik Sex by Armagelion
. Its a Long Way To Atlantis by Acid-Paradox
. Vocal performance by Rihanna
. Vocal scratching by PYKA
. Retro Active by Tomppaah
. Dirt off ya Shoulder by Jay-Z

Flaming Sex with a Murshaq

. Sex on Fire remix by Pretty Birdie
. Sex on Fire Acapella by Kings of Leon
. Drum & Mix Orchestration by PYKA
. Clips from Murshaq

An Affinity for Rust

. Clips from Salad Fingers
. An Affinity for Rust by PYKA (all work built)

The Electronic Evolution to Metropolis


Produced by PYKA & Robert Bryce Milburn

Massive Life - The NG Mixtape


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2011-04-14 07:08:22

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2011-04-14 10:19:54

Half the people on that mix were not newgrounds musicians...


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